Attendee Reviews

  • “The discussions on insurance and bonding were most beneficial. In addition, many of the comments by attending attorneys were very thought provoking.”
  • “Excellent event! Discussions with different personnel in different elements of a project (owners, contractors, government, DBs vs 3P projects) and unique aspects of underground construction.”
  • “At the end of each session, the panel discussions were very helpful.”
  • “Speakers were very knowledgeable doers in the industry.”
  • “Presentations were from all parts of the industry (engineers, surety, contractors, legal). Well done, high quality event.”
  • “The materials and presenters were first rate! It was a very sophisticated conference.”
  • “Discussions about risk registers will be most directly applicable. Learning about surety and bonds was good…as this was always not very clear to me before.”
  • “The most beneficial aspect of the Risk Course was learning about specific cases on specific jobs.”